Leighann Jacobi

Principl / Designer

Understanding the heart of any successful design lies in the ability to access and prioritize the actual needs and function of the project while intuitively provoking the senses with layers of color, textures, lighting…all in perfect balance to each other. The guests who grace these spaces must feel inspired yet peaceful, confident and hopeful, safe and well cared for. Design is emotion. We are honored to be a part of that experience.” -LJ

As the owner and principal designer of Jacobi Interiors over the last 18 years, Leighann Jacobi has a wealth of experience in all facets of the medical, dental and corporate fields in Arizona as well as throughout the United States. Leighann and her team have been recognized as a one of the top commercial design firms in the field of interior design. A member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), she promises her clients a rewarding, collaborative design process and truly incredible results.